ENVS 421 – Advanced GIS Applications

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ENVS 421: GIS IV: Advanced GIS Applications


Lab 1 – Map Digitization and Georeferencing


For this Map, we were required to recreate a historic map of plantations on the island of Madagascar. We did this by georeferencing an old static image of a similar map and creating a new feature dataset based on digitized polygon and point features from the original map. We also created domains for our feature classes. We then used advanced cartographic techniques to create an old-style map. We were instructed to adhere to the styles and symbology of the original map as much as possible.

Click here to view a larger image of this map

Click here to view the original image that this map is digitized from


Lab 2 – Remote Sensing in ArcGIS Pro


This lab focused on the use of Landsat 4 and 5 satellite imagery to conduct remote sensing analysis. I first calculated the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index for a region including parts of Whatcom, Skagit, and Island counties. To do this, I used the Raster Calculator tool with the expression: ((Float(“Near IR Band”) – Float(“Red Band”)) / (Float(“Near IR Band”) + Float(“Red Band”)))

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After calculating NDVI for 1998 and 2008, I subtracted the 1998 NDVI raster from the 2008 NDVI raster to find change in NDVI over that particular decade.

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Lab 2 Practical Exam

I then conducted a supervised classification of Bellingham to determine different basic landcover types within the city limits. To do this, I used the Image Classification toolbar in ArcMap to create representative samples of each cover type based on false cover Landsat images. The result can be seen below.

Click here to view a larger image of this map

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